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Ramon (Ray) Dennis is a 19 year old miracle! 

Ray was born in Russia on April 28th, 1989.  His Mother died when he was about a year old.  Shortly there after, his Father was placed in jail and Ray ended up living in an orphanage.  While playing outside the orphange he was electrocuted after grabbing  2000 volt electrical cups, he lost both his hands and lower arms just below the elbows, Ray was just 8 years old.

 In September of 1999, at the age of 10, Ray was adopted by an American family.  He struggled to deal with the emotional difficulties of his life and eventually ended up on the street.  Trying to live on his own at the age of  18 proved to be extremely difficult and painful.  With the support of his school and one gentleman who got him off the street, giving him shelter, food and friendship, he managed to over come his demons.  Given all he had been through, he stayed in school, graduates in June and has just been accepted in the art program at ECC.

 Even as a young child, Ray was very passionate about drawing.  He has perfected his artist abilities  over the last ten years despite his disability, which really isn’t a disability at all.  He is an amazing person with an amazing personality.  He is a constant reminder of just how precious and fragile our lives are; and how important it is to live in the moment.

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